Tips to Prepare for Class 10 English Board Exam

Students of the CBSE Class 10 board do not focus much on English, as they lean towards mainstream subjects like Maths and Science. They feel that they can score good marks in English by studying at the last moment. But, this does not happen, and due to this, they tend to score average marks in Class 10 board exams. So, students need to give equal time to the English subject to other subjects. They should focus on the English subject from the beginning of the academic session. Here, we have provided valuable tips to prepare for the Class 10 English exam.

5 Tips to Prepare for Class 10 English Exam

Students must go through the tips mentioned below to score high marks in the English exam. They must follow these tips while preparing for the Class 10 English exam.

1) Know the English Syllabus

Students must go through the entire CBSE syllabus at the start of the session. They should check out how many books they have in English subject and how many chapters are there in the books. In Class 10, students have two books; one is “First Flight”, and another is a supplementary reader named “Footprints Without Feets”. The First Flight book contains 11 chapters which include stories and poems. To better understand the stories and poems, students must go through the CBSE Class 10 English Notes. These notes will give them a brief overview of the chapters concisely.

2) Tips to do Better in Reading Section

In the exam, the reading section is asked to check the reading and comprehending ability. How well a student can understand the passage is checked through this section. Generally, a passage is given in the exam and based on it, some questions are asked. Students have to read the passage carefully and then answer the questions. Students can master the reading section if they solve 2-3 passages daily for practice. Students can easily score in this section, but they have to practice well to read the passage and understand it quickly.

3) Tips for Writing and Grammar Section

This section is meant to test students’ writing and grammar skills. Students can prepare the writing by practising essay writing topics, letter writing, short stories, articles, notices, poster making etc., on different topics. For the grammar part, students need to understand basic grammar such as tenses, verbs, prepositions, etc. After that, students need to practice questions on different types such as fill in the blanks, error spotting, sentence rearrangement etc. Grammar can’t be learned in one or two days. So, students need to do regular practice and study continuously to gain command of it.

4) Tips for Literature Part

The literature part asks the questions from the English books, i.e., First Flight and Footprints Without Feets. The questions are primarily from stories and poems. So, for this, students must thoroughly know the meaning of the poems and stories. They should try to summarise the poem for their quick reference. So, just by going through the fire and ice summary, they can recall the complete poem – fire and ice and comprehend its meaning. Similarly, they can do it for all other poems.

5) Solve the Previous Years Questions

Students must solve the previous years ‘ question papers to understand what questions are asked in the exam. On solving the papers, they will analyse the difficulty level of the exam and the way questions are asked in the exam. They get to know the exam pattern and section-wise marks weightage of the paper.

We hope these tips will help students prepare for the Class 10 English exam. They should continue their studies and effort to score high marks in the Class 10 board exam.

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