Things We Learn From the Movie Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a beautiful movie that revolves around a man Forrest with a low IQ who lives through life’s challenges and achieves more than the high IQ people around him. Forrest loves two people the most and remembers them at every point in life, one is his childhood love Jenny, and second, his mother. There several things that the movie has taught us and if you haven’t watched it, you should definitely watch this timeless classic. 

Well, read along and find out what we learned from watching Forrest Gump. 

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates 

One of the most important thing that Forrest’s mom passes on to him and to us is the fact that life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you are going to get. This is one of the movie’s greatest lessons, and we see it throughout the film how Forrest sees a lot of change in his life and it is always an experience to remember. We learn that a person should not be afraid of challenges and change.  Life is full of challenges, and new things, and only those thrive in life who embrace the changes in life. Forrest was never afraid of trying out new things in life and was not afraid to fail in life. The film and Forrest’s life taught us that no one is perfect and you will never know you are good at something until you try it first. Life is full of surprises and you might be surprised by being exceptionally good at something. 

Stay Positive 

Throughout the movie, even when things are difficult and life gets ugly, Forrest always stays positive and optimistic. We see it a lot with Lieutenant Dan when things get ugly he hates Forrest’s optimism and positive outlook of life. Forrest believes that there is a bright side to life, and people around him get annoyed with his beliefs but eventually with his actions, Forrest makes them believe in life’s bright side. For example, when he and Lieutenant Dan becomes friends and open the Bubba Gump Shrimp for their other friend, Forrest gives Lieutenant Dan a purpose to live. 

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Appreciate Life While You Have It 

When we see the overall story of the movie, we realize how unpredictable the future looks, and how life never remains the same for us. In such a case, what we learn here is that we get one life, and we must appreciate life while we have it. Although Forrest suffers in multiple ways, he also sees his friend Bubba die in his arms, then he loses his mother, and several people he loves, so even though he has a difficult life, he appreciates it and tries to live it for the ones he loved and lost. For example, when Bubba dies, Forrest promises him a Shrimp boat, and eventually Forrest sets up a Bubba Gump Shrimp for the sake of his friend, because he appreciates life. At the same boat, Forrest teaches his friend Lieutenant Dan the importance of life. 

Never Underestimate Your Capabilities 

Forrest is a common man with a very low IQ, yet he manages to achieve much more than the more intelligent people around him. Even though, young Forrest would never have believed that he would be able to run marathons and such long distances, he does eventually manage to run. From leg braces to being a professional athlete, Forrest never underestimates his capabilities and achieves more than the people around him could.

Loving Someone Means Loving Them for Who They Are 

When we love someone, we often want to have them in our lives, but what we learn from the film Forrest Gump is to love someone for the way they are. When Forrest loves Jenny he wants her to be around him, but he understands that she wants different things in life, and even though Jenny makes messed up and ugly decisions in life, Forrest loves her regardless of what she becomes in life. Even though Jenny loves other men and leaves Forrest behind, Forrest never stops loving her. He never asks her to love him back and adores her for the way she is and understands her ways. 

Childhood Traumas Can Shape Us

When we see Jenny making bad life decisions, falling in love with men who treat her badly, and doing drugs, we realize how her trauma grew with her. As a child, Jenny is seen as a sweetheart, but she has a father who sexually abuses her. When Jenny grows up, she finds a way to get rid of her father, but the trauma of her childhood stays with her, making her take bad life decisions, and believing that she is not worthy of a good relationship until she marries Forrest, who makes her believe that she is worthy of all the happiness in the world. While people do heal, often times, the way people turn out to be is because of their traumas. 

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

While Forrest has a difficult life, he does end up achieving great wealth, but the things that he cherishes most are his childhood love Jenny, and his mother. When Forrest becomes rich, he doesn’t treat money like most people do, and he does not believe that money will solve his problems. Even when he is rich, he believes that life will have its ups and downs, and that money is not all that is to life.  

Sometimes Life is Dumb Luck 

When we learn how Forrest lives life and achieves so much without having a high IQ, we realize how life is not all about intelligence and sometimes it is just dumb luck. The movie teaches us that standardized intelligence is just an overrated concept, and a person is still lovable, and equally important even without a high IQ. Even though Forrest lacks in intelligence he has a great work ethic, he is kind, courageous, brave, loyal, and most importantly, he is adorable. 

If you still haven’t watched this beautiful movie, watch it now as the film has changed many lives. 

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