Is an attorney relevant for your car accident claim in Saint Bernardino?

When you have been in a car crash in Saint Bernardino, you are likely to have many questions on your mind. What’s the worth of your damages? Who is liable for the losses? What if you are also at fault for the crash? While the internet is buzzing with articles and content related to car accident laws in California, you must understand that each case is unique and must be assessed on merit. Your compensation should cover the consequences you have endured, including the pain and suffering. Recovering economic and noneconomic damages requires extensive work, and hiring a lawyer is always a smart step. In this post, we are sharing more about the relevance of an attorney for your car accident claim in Saint Bernardino.

Keeping up with the requirements and deadlines

Typically, you will need to file a third-party claim with the other party’s insurance company to recover a settlement. If they are underinsured or when the offer is too low, you may consider suing the at-fault driver in court. For such civil lawsuits related to personal injuries in California, the statute of limitations sets a deadline of two years. The process of initiating a claim and discussing the compensation can be overwhelming, especially when you are not in your best health. Hiring an attorney ensures you don’t have to keep up with everything.

Using the available resources

Investigating a car crash requires work. Without direct evidence, your lawyer must team up with accident reconstruction experts to determine liability and fault. They may also need to speak to medical professionals who can offer insights into the extent and impact of your injuries. Local lawyers in Saint Bernardino know how things work and have the resources to fight for you. As a client, you only need to be honest and share the evidence and details you have for their help.

Dealing with insurance companies

You must understand that insurance companies look for premiums and often try many tactics to reduce settlements. If your car accident claim is denied or delayed, you may have difficulty dealing with the financial situation. With an attorney working with the claims adjuster, you don’t have to negotiate directly, and because the lawyer only gets a fee when you win (called the contingency arrangement), they are just as interested in the final amount.

Don’t let your circumstances ruin your chances – Talk to a lawyer in Saint Bernardino now!  

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