Guide to Buy Real and Valuable Antique Furniture

Antique furniture has always been considered rare and gained value. Initially, it was made for a practical purpose, the new exhibits were the decoration of the palaces and castles of the nobility and the higher clergy. During the emergence of styles such as Gothic, Art Nouveau, Empire and Baroque, furniture was already a sign of style and was valued at a high artistic level. Today, antique furniture, which has its own character and style, is an indicator of the status and taste of its owner. The beauty and unique charm of the past, like a magnet, attracts the attention of true connoisseurs of beauty and antiquity.

What Kind of Furniture Is Antique?

The Antique Furniture category includes interior and body items that are between 50 and 100 years old. Such things are considered rare, obvious and insignificant. In the catalogs of online stores and on sites with separate ads for the purchase / sale of antiques, there are such types of furniture and interior items as:

Antique dressers, secretaries, cabinets, buffets and sideboards, vintage armchairs, credenses, couches and beds, chairs and stools, consoles and stands, dining and writing tables, whatnots, shelves for books, floor and wall lamps, fireplace sets, etc. 

Style of Antique Furniture

Antique and rare furniture are items that are stored in history and live their own lives. Sometimes the whole design of the room undergoes changes and adapts to the antique piece located there. The style of antique furniture is distinguished by rigor and originality. Furniture made in different eras was a reflection of fashionable signs or a historical period. 

The following styles of antique furniture are popular: 

Classicism. Furniture made in the XVIII, classical style, the difference of which was: the smoothness of the curves, the outwardly inherent power, the totality and the three-dimensional carving. Items in the classical style are also used in modern interiors, as they are considered museum rarities. 

Modern. Products in this style were created from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The birthplace of Art Nouveau is France. The French embody real drawing and decorative forms in their works. 

Modernism. The birthplace of this style is Italy – Catalonia. The period of origin is the same as the Modern style. The Italians, who are the creators of modernist furniture, adhered to classic, slightly curved forms. 

Differences of furniture of the last century – simplicity and unpretentiousness. In unused cases, there are details and inlaid elements that give the appearance of an object of art. Antique and rare furniture was created with a practical purpose that requires strict adherence. 

Antique Furniture In a Private Interior

Antiques characterize themselves as rare and valuable things that often become the subject of trade, acquired by collectors and people with high incomes. In any family there are revealed objects and relics left from the ancestors, they are passed down from generation to generation and used for practical purposes. a person does not know about the values of furniture or interior items that he buys every day. However, professionals involved in the acquisition / sale of antiques and the acquisition of such things are not for decorating modern interiors, but also for the purpose of profitable investment in the future. Need money? You can try to win a lot with roulette games hellpsin 1 with one of the best online casinos.

Placement of Furniture In the Living Room

When working with antiques, it is important to remember the play of contrasts. The more bright colors in the interior, the more profitable the old thing looks. It is worth placing old, cracked wooden objects around new mirrors or tables covered with velvet fabric. An antique item needs to find the most honorable place in the room. 

Your apartment will look chic and noble if you flaunt those items that were previously hidden from prying eyes. If you buy an antique suitcase, an antique clock, a rare case or decor items made in the last office and attach it to the living room, the room will be transformed and it will have its own touch.

Antiques In the Bedroom

In your Antique items that are recommended to be placed in bedrooms and lounges are antique mirrors and photo frames. If such items are of significant importance, require appearance and condition, they can be given for restoration. The main thing is to avoid bad taste and make your antique look like a parody item. 

In the Dining Room

The ideal decoration for such a dining room or a large kitchen is the placement of antique items here, such as chandeliers or floor sculptures. The accent can be an antique chair at the head of the table, upholstered in velvet or tapestry. Other items in the kitchen should be modern. In the hall When decorating your entryway style, it is very important not to include more than one antique piece in your decor. 

What Determines the Value of Antiquities? 

There are several elements that impact the worth of these precious antique exhibits, the main ones are:

Product age. Antique items are those made over 100 years ago. A thing that is more than 50 years old falls into the category of “antiques” only if it is unique, complex in execution and intricate decorating elements. 

Serialization. Basically, the furniture was produced in series, but in some cases, on an individual order, the masters of the past era made single copies that have no analogues. In this case, the items will be in high demand and cost a lot to the potential buyer. 

Cultural and historical value. When decorating pieces of furniture with drawings that reflect the era of creation or important historical events taking place in that period, its value and cultural significance increase. 

Manufacturing material. Products made from precious woods, rice paper, leather or silk are of high value. 

Rarity. Pieces of furniture that cannot be recreated exactly due to some nuances are highly valued by collectors and connoisseurs of antiques. 

The external state of the object. The appearance of the exhibit and the condition of the mechanisms are actually crucial.

Traces of restoration or repair. Having bought an antique cabinet or coffee table that has been under repair, an experienced collector or buyer will immediately notice traces of ongoing restoration work. This disadvantage must be taken into account when calculating the estimated value of an antique item. 

The Importance of Reliable Valuation of Antiques

Only professional experts can make a reliable and real assessment. The buyer, who applied to the appraiser, is obliged to provide him with full information about the item, if necessary, present documents confirming its authenticity.

Antique furniture, characterized by rarity and beauty, will delight true connoisseurs of antiques and collectors. The high cost of such products is justified, since in addition to practical and aesthetic value, their purchase is a profitable investment in the future.

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